AI powered learning

We analyze and enhance your curriculum to integrate AI tools and facilitate creative student projects

AI+ Art and Design for High Schools

Develop skills for future innovators and designers based on practical experience with leading-edge generative tools
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AI+ Experience design/future of retail 

Our hallmark project superpower by AI

Short introductory workshops:

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AI 101 for art&design students

90 min, online or offline 

This introductory, interactive session will help students understand how generative AI is transforming creative industries. We'll discuss where the biggest opportunities are to develop skills that will make you stand out in the job market, while using AI in a responsible and ethical manner

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Academic skills with Chat GPT

90 min, online or offline

     Interactive workshop on how to develop academic skills through text based tools like Chat GPT. This workshops looks at research, analyses, creativity, problem solving and writing and discuss them in the context of academic integrity. 

What our learners say:

Sessions were very professional and help me to understand how generative AI can be used in graphic design. I really enjoyed hands on approach and plenty of experimentation with Midjourney 
Zhang Jingyi
I would recommend this training to others. It is a valuable opportunity to grow and help students follow their career paths towards unpredictable future 
Lee Dong 
Packed with knowledge introduction to the newest tools which shape design practise. Excellent selection of Ai tools for interior design tutor. 
Maria Kaczmarek
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