AI+ Art and Design for High School

In this program we introduce students to the Generative AI through a combination of mini lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on art and design mini projects.

By blending theory and practice, we aimed to nurture creative confidence and critical thinking. The objective is to combine contextual studies, elements of art and design history, and responsible use of generative AI tools with creative practice.

This approach helps to develop skills for future innovators and designers based on practical experience with leading-edge generative tools.
Ola Handford
Academic director 
Ola is a design educator with extensive experience developing innovative educational programs. She has successfully taught diverse, multicultural learners and implemented adaptive teaching strategies as an academic director in the UK, China, and UAE.Ola understands the global employment landscape in the creative industries and provides guidance for graduates seeking worldwide opportunities.


 We combine process-led creative practice to combine contextual studies, elements of art and design history, and responsible use of generative design through selection of design mini-projects

#1 Creative practice 

Students will engage in hands-on creative projects and mini-assignments to put their learning into practice. This experiential approach allows them to apply design thinking, utilize new techniques, and develop their artistic skills through the creation of original work

#2 Up to date AI tools

Students will learn how to responsibly use the latest AI generative design tools in their creative process. This provides exposure to innovative technologies that can inspire new directions for their work. Proper ethics and attribution will be emphasized.

#3 Contextual learning 

Students will develop knowledge of art and design history, theory, and contemporary trends that contextualize their practice. Analyzing movements, styles, techniques, and pivotal works will deepen their understanding of how creative fields have evolved and influence their own points of view

Bespoke for you:

Up to 12 learning sessions (live or recorded), which can be adapted to your organisational structure and objectives. 

+ Pdf resources for students
+ students access to supervised Discord server
+ additional teaching team 
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