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Discover our keynotes, covering essential AI topics for business and education. These popular sessions are the perfect starting point for professionals, educators, parents, and professionals alike

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AI Boot Camp

Our flagship AI Bootcamp, designed to bring your team up to speed with Gen AI fundamentals. We leverage AI assistance to tailor the program to your workflows, ensuring the most effective and impactful training.

Bespoke follow up training 

Once we cover the fundamentals we work closely with you to create fully customised training, including innovation training (product & services), creativity training, image generation, leadership training, research, AI & Ethics, and AI + Academic skills and more. 

Our flagship AI Bootcamp

Welcome to our AI Bootcamp, where your team will gain the skills to thrive in the AI-driven future. In just four weeks, we offer tailored solutions that will transform your team's productivity and innovation capabilities. Join us to become AI-fluent and secure your competitive edge. Empower your team today and reap the rewards for years to come.
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AI+ Design 

AI is reshaping the design industry, opening new doors for creativity and quality. In this course, you'll master text-based tools like ChatGPT for strategy and image-based tools like MidJourney and Photoshop for your interior and product design projects. Discover how these innovative technologies can streamline your workflows and spark fresh ideas in your design agency.
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AI+ Innovation Foundations 

Welcome to AI + Innovation Foundations, where your team will unlock the full potential of AI to drive innovation. In this custom-made program, we'll guide your team through innovation sprints, leveraging the best and most trusted tools alongside Generative AI. Over the course of 5 weeks, we'll transform your team's approach to creativity and problem-solving, ensuring you're equipped to lead in the age of AI. Propel your team's innovation capabilities to new heights today.
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We will work closely with you to asses your needs and establish where we can create most impact 
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