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AI+ University application 

Enpowering counsellors  for students sucess

Tailored specifically for your institution, our two-day, hands-on sessions are designed to introduce your teaching team to the concept of Artificial Intelligence in the context of university applications.
Ola Handford
Academic director 
Ola is a design educator with extensive experience developing innovative educational programs. She has successfully taught diverse, multicultural learners and implemented adaptive teaching strategies as an academic director in the UK, China, and UAE. Ola understands the global employment landscape in the creative industries and provides guidance for graduates seeking worldwide opportunities.

Over the years she guided multiple international students to achieve admissions to top art and design universities in the world for both undergraduate and graduate level. 

Course structure: 

Join our hands-on intensive workshop, where we combine an introduction to Generative AI tools like Chat GPT within the context of university applications with an in-depth analysis of current university admissions trends

#1 Generative AI and universities approaches 

During these introductory sessions, participants will explore the possibilities and limitations of Generative AI tools such as Chat GPT and Claude. We will also discuss the latest global approaches adopted by universities regarding students' use of generative AI, and engage in discussions regarding their policies for promoting responsible and ethical use of AI tools among students

#2 GAI in teaching practice

In Part Two of the course, we will focus on the utilization of generative AI tools in teaching practice, with a specific emphasis on their relevance to university admission processes. We will examine tasks that can be automated, such as email writing, those that can be semi-automated, like time management and reference writing, and those that can be accelerated, such as the development of personalized advice on students' materials

#3 Introducing students to GAI

The third part of the course will center on introducing students to the responsible and ethical use of generative AI tools in the application process. We will explore the utilization of GPT technologies as personalized tutors, with a specific focus on fostering AI+ research skills AI+ creativity and innovation.

Bespoke for you:

Designed as a two-day workshop, this program can be delivered both in-person and online, offering an engaging and interactive digital learning environment

+PDF with all resources and prompts 


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