AI powered academic skills

As generative AI rapidly evolves, best practices must continuously develop alongside to uphold academic integrity. This course teaches art and design tutors strategies to utilize AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude to enhance student research and writing. Stay ahead of the curve and learn to maximize AI's potential for learning.
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Course structure:

  • Course include ebook:
  • AI tools 
  • Case studies
  • Prompts used during course 

Part 1: Generative AI in academic setting

  • Introduction to Generative AI tools
  • Overview of university approaches to generative tools globally
  • Ethical use of AI: Biases, fairness and  truthfulness
  • Avoiding plagiarism and when NOT to use AI tools  How AI Can Assist with research and writing 
  • Discussion

Part 2: Working with AI

  • Effective Prompts
  • Working with AI Responses
  • Practise

Part 3: Creativity and Artificial creativity 

  • Can Generative AI be creative?
  • AI enhanced brainstorming tools
  • AI enhanced problem solving tools like SCAMPER or SWOT

Part 4: Using AI for Research and Analyses:

  • Summerizing Complex information
    Viewing things from different perspectives 
    Getting Expert Advice
  • Developing research tools 
  • Discovering Strategic Models
  • Discovering Facts and Statistics
  • Developing Personal Perspectives
  • Improving Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills Practise
Part 5:  Using AI  with students

  • Planning projects
  • Brainstorming 
  • Setting aims and objectives
  • Choosing methodologies
  • Enriching contexts 

Outlining  Part 6: Helping students with writing

  • Analysing writing styles
  • Redefining grammar, spelling, citation 
  • Developing abstract, summaries and reformatting  Identifying areas for improvements 
  • Discussion 

Part 7: Incorporating AI tools to existing curriculum

  • Reviewing existing curriculum 
  • realistic first steps
  • experimenting with solutions
  • towards strategy development
  •  next steps 

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