AI powered creativity

In this workshop we are utilising Chat GPT and Midjourney as brainstorming, ideation and iteration tools to expand human creativity. 
We are looking at design process from developing narrative, references and mood boards, to initial sketches, manipulating ideas, developing multiple concepts and curating ideas. 
This program is created with architectural and interior design teaching teams in mind. 
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Course structure:

  • Course include ebook:
  • AI tools references  
  • Case studies
  • Prompts used during course 
Part 1: Co-creativity with AI

  • Introduction to Generative AI tools
  • Overview of university approaches to generative tools globally 
  • Ethical use of AI: Biases, fairness and  truthfulness Avoiding plagiarism and when NOT to use AI tools 

Part 2: Working with Chat GPT

  • Writing prompts and responding to prompts Developing narratives for spatial design
  • Developing journey and key scenes
  • Individual assignment

Part 3: Co-creating with Midjourney

  • Introduction to Midjourney and setting up workspace
  • Prompt crafting
  • Exploring ideas
  • Individual assignment
Part 4: Creating concept images

  • Developing advanced prompts
  • Brainstorming with blending
  • Curating ideas 
  • Individual assignment   

Part 5: Developing concept renders 

  • Developing new aestethics
  • Material and lighting exploration 
  • Setting exploration
  • Individual assignment 

Part 6: Incorporating Ai tools to existing curriculum

  • Reviewing existing curriculum 
  •  Realistic first steps
  •  Experimenting with solutions
  •  Towards strategy development
  •  Next steps  

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