AI powered innovation

Empower your teaching team’s innovation process with the power of AI. Learn the tools and techniques that can fuel and accelerate your innovation processes, co-create concepts rapidly, prototype and validate designs, and gain a clear understanding of ethical AI usage in education
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Project based professional development workshop

In this workshop we look choose a section of design challenges which are relevant to your teaching team and discuss which AI tools can be used on each stage of innovation. 

Course structure:

  • Course include ebook:
  • AI tools references  
  • Case studies
  • Prompts used during course 

Part 1: Accelerated Research:

Objective: Data-driven direction through AI-enabled analysis.
Outcome: Contextual positioning, SWOT analysis, and criteria for design thinking.

Part 2: Accelerated Insights

Objective: AI-generated consumer empathy and strategic rationale.
Outcome: Personas, journey maps, and focus group scripts.

Part 3: Accelerated Ideation

Objective: 100+ ideas based on consumer insights.
Outcome: Automated clustering and visualization.
Part 4: Accelerated Concepts

Objective: 20+ AI-generated visual concepts.
Outcome: Qualitative feedback for design thinking iteration.

Part 5: Accelerated Validation

Objective: Optimize experiments with AI rapid testing.

Outcome: 3 refined concepts and roadmap.

Part 6: Accelerated Documentation

Objective: AI-generated writings to articulate process.
Outcome: Project statements, rationale, and documentation.

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