AI Education for a Changing World

Leveraging nearly two decades of real-world commercial experience driving strategy and innovation for leading brands, along with over 10 years spent spearheading international design education programs, industry collaborations, and career initiatives for diverse students, we are uniquely positioned to equip learners with the skills to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving professional and educational landscape.

Our mission is to fully prepare creative learners, educators, and executives to thrive in the emerging AI era. By harnessing advanced generative technologies paired with proven pedagogical practices, we aim to broaden career possibilities, spark innovative thinking, and transform education into a truly collaborative human-AI process. The future of work will be written by those who can thoughtfully leverage AI to augment their talents and visions. We provide the programs, mindsets, and skills to write that future.

Co- founders

Ola Handford
CEO & Academic Director 
Ola is a innovation educator with extensive experience developing educational programs across secondary, tertiary and vocational levels. Ola has successfully taught diverse, multicultural learners and implemented adaptive teaching strategies as an academic director in the UK, China, and the UAE. Ola understands the global employment landscape in the creative industries and provides guidance for graduates seeking worldwide opportunities.
Jim Tindill
Director of Operations
Jim is an entrepreneur and educator with over a decade of experience in edtech and creative education consultancy. Having previously taught in the UK, France and China, most recently Jim has coordinated teacher training programs to creative educators globally, and has built innovative edtech platforms to support university applicants and early-career graduates.

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